Thursday, August 9, 2012

Add Social Game Widgets To Your Blogs and Website

Bloggers and Webmasters can Add Social Games To their Website! Click here to sign up

Adding game widgets to your blog helps
- Keep your users engaged right on your site.
- Allows users to to come back daily to your site.
- Increases your Traffic and revenue.


  1. now i get it; games help people come to your blog; except it slows me down; didn't know how to access olympic one; but am willing to try to contribute to your success in advancing this concept

  2. Well Olympics Trivia is just one way that we tried to help this blogger that wanted more visitors and wanted to engage his users. But, the feature set it light as we wanted to what this Olympic trivia widget is capable of. We are working on customizing it so that the Daily Trivia quiz can have questions that are related to the blog or questions that are created by the bloggers with a link back to their blog. This way the blogger is being promoted. This Blog is just a sample that we tested this Olympic widget out to see what the response is from users and Bloggers. Thanks for your help and support.